Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Anchored, by Rachel Haimowitz

Reids Rating: Dark Chocolate

Okay, I admit it looks rather strange that this second review has the author in common with the first one. But I was wanting to read something that I knew wouldn't end up being SPAM. Seriously. Waste of time, when you're in the mood for 75% cocoa extra rich dark chocolate.

And Rachel doesn't fail to deliver just that.

While this second story also depicts the theme of slavery, a master/slave arrangement that evolves from resented to begrudging tolerance to something more, the similarities this reader sees end there.

In contrast to Counterpoint, Anchored is full of non-consensual sexual violence. Rachel depicts it in vivid, graphic detail, pulling no punches (the blurb for the book warns as much, so if you disregard that, and this as well, don't go crying over traumatic flashbacks and whatnot over it). All the scenes flow seamlessly, though, as Rachel gives the reader a harsh and unpolished view into the psyche of a slave, depicts that cold, hard diamond of indomitable spirit that every human possesses, and lets you watch it be crushed underfoot. And then rebuilt, healed, with love and patience.

Her transmission of emotions, either singularly or in a jumbled twisted heap of confusion -- depending on the MC's mindset -- is done with such flair and talent that the reader sinks fully into the POV, into the world, into the plot, and does not surface until the final words.

Mind you, Anchored is quite the roller coaster. I promise it will leave you feeling breathless, wrung out, and awestruck when it's over. But unholy scones is it ever worth the ride.

Wanna taste? Get it here.

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